History of Halloween

Did you ever wonder where Halloween really started? We’ve all heard the stories of the Celts and Druids. But is that really what influenced our current day Halloween celebration?IMG_1342

The Ancient Roots

October 31st was considered the end of the year by the Celts. It also signified the end of summer and the harvest. In their religion, the Druids were like priests. The veil between the physical world and the spirit world was supposed to be at its thinnest on Samhain (October 31), and the Druids were supposed to be able to communicate with the dead to predict the outcome of the new year.

One of the big parts of the celebration was a huge bonfire where they burned the remains of the crops. Sometimes they would sacrifice animals to appease the gods for a prosperous new year. The animals used in these ceremonies were selected carefully and believed they were unable to survive on their own throughout the harsh winter months ahead.

The Celts would wear laving costumes constructed mostly of animal skins and heads.

At the end of the ceremony, each family would take a part of the bonfire back to their home and relight their fireplace that had been extinguished earlier in the evening.

When the Romans took over, they blended this celebration with their own that remembered the dead called Feralia.

Eventually, the name of the holiday became All Hallows Eve which got contracted to Halloween.

Halloween in America

When the Puritans came to America, they did not bring Halloween as they considered that a pagan abomination. Halloween was almost all but forgotten until the large immigration wave in the mid 1800’s. In Ireland, people would carve Jack O'Lanternturnips and beets into lanterns which were used to trick the evil spirits away from the villages. In America, they started carving pumpkins into these lanterns.

In the 1890’s, Halloween parties were hosted in the homes, and people would eat seasonal food, play games, and started wearing costumes. ┬áMost were friendly and people would stay away from scary costumes and telling ghost stories.

Starting around the 1920’s, Halloween festivities started becoming a community event with parades and city-wide parties. In the 1950’s, the parties started getting into the classroom. Trick or Treating started to come back into fashion.

What’s your favorite candy?

Ideas For Last Year’s Halloween Costume

Ideas For Last Year’s Halloween Costume

Sell Your Halloween Costume

If your Halloween costume was something special, unique, or expensive, and is still in suitable condition, you might consider selling it. This will allow you to recoup some of the money that you spent on it so that you can put this amount towards this year’s Halloween outfit.

Consignment stores

A consignment retailer is a bargain hunter’s dream for Halloween costumes and other deals. You give the store the costume, and they do the work of finding someone to buy it. Once it sells, the store keeps a percentage as their fee and you get the rest.

Online Auctions

For people who prefer to sell their costumes themselves, online auctions can be a great option. You will have a much broader audience than your local retailer or garage sale. Always read the terms and conditions of the particular site before you submit an ad.

Garage sales/newspaper ads/Craigslist/Nextdoor

Of course, if you want to sell your Halloween costume yourself, the traditional avenues of selling it at a garage sale or with an ad in the newspaper may also work. Keep in mind that you will often receive less money for the costume this way, though this way may be easier if you were already planning a sale.

Donate Your Halloween Costume

If your Halloween costume is still in good shape, you could consider donating it. There are several places that would appreciate your donation. Here are some places that might be able to give your Halloween costume a new home.

Women’s shelters

Many of the women staying in shelters have kids with them. And when times are tough, extras like a Halloween costumes are not going to be in the budget. This is a special place to send kids Halloween costumes to so that another child can have a chance to trick-or-treat. They may also take adult costumes as well so that mom or older children can join in the holiday fun.

Children Hospitals

Staying in a hospital long term is not much enjoyable, so the staff at children’s hospitals will often look for ways to cheer their patients up. Dressing up for Halloween, or even a day of silliness, can make their patient’s times more enjoyable. Some hospitals will also encourage children to trick-or-treat around the rooms of the hospital on Halloween night.

Churches (some denominations)

Some churches will celebrate Halloween, or have a church friendly alternative where kids can wear their costumes. Families in need may approach their church first for help before looking elsewhere. You will want to call the church beforehand to make sure they would welcome the donation, and use this for your family friendly costumes.


Many charities like Goodwill and the Salvation Army will accept donated articles. In most cases, these organizations will sell your costume at their discount stores to help raise funds for the various programs that they run.
Hospice retailers Hospice services often run small stores to raise money for their staff members. These people often do a lot with very little, and they will take almost any type of donation that is in good condition.

There is always someone out there that will be interested in your Halloween costume.

History of Halloween Costumes

History of Halloween Costumes

Halloween is a holiday prominently celebrated on the nighttime of October 31 . The term Halloween is a limiting of most Hallows’ Evening often known as Hallowe’en or even All Hallows’ Eve.
Conventional exercises consist of trick-or-treating , bonfires, halloween costume events,history of Halloween browsing “haunted houses” and also carving jack-o-lanterns. Irish and also Scottish immigrants offered versions of the custom to The North American Continent in the nineteenth centuries . Additional modern western nations appreciated the holiday in the overdue twentieth century which includes Ireland, the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico along with the Uk in addition to of Australia and also New Zealand.
Halloween night possesses its own origins in the historical Celtic festival generally known as Samhain ( put into words “sah-win” ). The festival of Samhain is a special event of the finish of the harvest period in Gaelic tradition. Samhain was one time utilized by the early pagans to seize stock of equipment and also plan for winter season. The historical Gaels considered that on October 31 , the limitations between the sides of the dwelling as well as the deceased overlapped along with the deceased might return to existence and also trigger damage for example illness or even affected harvests.

Detailed History of Halloween

The dress of guising at Halloween night in The North American Continent is very first documented in 1911 , wherever a Ontario, Quibec disclosed kids planning “guising” all over the the global neighborhood. In 19th millennium The United States , Halloween night was usually well-known with outfit parades and also “licentious revelries”.
As time went on, Halloween night became into more exclusive rather than a public celebration. Plus, in this Victorian era, events regarding liquor and sensuality were highly de-emphasized, and kids were anticipated to partake in the festival.
Halloween costumes tend to be made to mimic supernatural and horror. All type of Halloween Costumes are historically those type of monsters, trolls such like witches, goblins, vampires, ghosts, skeletons, werewolves, zombie, trolls, devils, etc. or even from some of the recent years this kind of horrible science fiction inspired these type of characters as strangers and superheroes, and also aliens. There are many additionally costumes Halloween as pop culture statistics like athletes, presidential, celebrities , or even interesting characters from movie, TV, books, etc. Another popular craze is only for women (as well as sometimes, people ) to use the Halloween while an medium to wear erotic or revealing costumes, flaunting more skin than could be fully socially required otherwise.

Early on Halloween Halloween costumes stressed the and also Gothic character of Halloween night , and also were intended mainly at kids. Halloween costumes were additionally produced in your own home, or even utilizing things (for example make up) which might be acquired and also employed to produce a Halloween costume. However in the 1930’s, Ben Cooper, Inchalloween costumes., along with other companies started mass-producing Halloween costumes accessible in shops since trick-or-treating grew to become widely used in USA.

Younger girls also often known as totally scare less characters at Halloween, as well as angels, fairies, princesses, farm animals and also flowers.

Halloween costume celebrations actually take place on or even around 31st of October, It is also often on the Sunday or perhaps Saturday get the priority as the getaway .

The concerned economy has caused a lot of western people to get back on Halloween night spending. the National Store Federation anticipated that US households might decrease the mighty Halloween money spending by around 15% to $56 .31 in early 2011 . In 2011, Americans spent $6 .8 multi-billion to celebrate the proper horrible Halloween , an typical of $72 .31 per household.

Economical brief of Halloween cost Researchers carried out a informational survey for the NRF in the USA and found that 53 .3 percent of customers planned to get a costume for Halloween party 2005 , spending $38 .11 on typical ( up $10 from the very early years ). They were also anticipated to spend $4 .96 billion dollars in early 2006 , which has grown up significantly from simply $3 .3 billion money from the previous year.


Maternity Costume Inspirations

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t find a cute costume that works with you.

And they don’t have to be boring either.

PregnantChicken found 25 fun ones that will inspire you to try something.

I think my personal favorite was converting the baby bump into a pumpkin:



The fact that I have a Halloween birthday has nothing to do with it, I swear.

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I want to give props to this for creativity and a nice pun:

bun in the oven costume