Homemade Costume Ideas

Looking for Homemade Costume Ideas?

Here are some great ideas that can help you make your own Halloween costume for your pregnant belly;

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  • This is among the easiest maternity costumes to make for Halloween.
  • All that is needed are some dull colored clothes as well as facial paint.
  • Dressing in a dark outfit on Halloween, a pregnant woman can paint her bare or clothed belly area white.
  • After this she can go ahead and paint the center of the eye on the white area to pull off the creative look.
  • This should be made as realistic as possible by incorporating a couple red veins.
  • The eyeball can either be attractive or scary depending on what a person is going for.


  • The pea is another great maternity costume idea for Halloween.
  • This costume is ideal for women who are so exhausted by their belly weights that they can never wish to go through too much trouble for the above occasion.
  • Since colored jeans are very popular today it means that obtaining them should be a walk in the park.
  • Alternatively green leggings, sweat pants and so on can be opted for.
  • The green pant should be paired with a green sweatshirt or any other long sleeved blouse that is green.
  • You can then make a hole in the belly area of the top or alternatively lift the blouse to expose your pregnant belly once you have painted it green.

Bun in the Oven

  • Bun in the oven is one of the most popular maternity costumes for Halloween.
  • To pull off this look you need a box of any size depending on the size of your belly.
  • The first thing to do is to cut it out so that you can wear it over your shoulders leaving enough room for your head to slide through.
  • Make the box look like an oven by decorating it with various paints and then cut out the front so that it can be able to close and open.
  • Write the phrase ‘bun in the oven’ in front of the term ‘oven’ and then paint your belly with a very pale brown color such that when the oven is opened people can see your ‘bun in the oven’.

The Witch

  • If all the above costume ideas for Halloween fail then you can try pulling off the witch outfit.
  • Remember witches are mothers as well.
  • So you can maximize on the use of your painted pregnant belly to look like a witch holding a pumpkin.
  • Put into consideration the fact that people only use what they have and as such a pregnant belly is a great resource to have for Halloween, you can pull off a lot of Halloween looks with it.

pregnant woman with cute daughter paint momĀ“s bellyPainting the Belly

  • As mentioned earlier on, a pregnant belly can be a great resource to have for Halloween.
  • If all the above ideas can’t seem to suit what you are looking for then simply go ahead and paint your big belly and show it off proudly.
  • You can paint it to look like any object for instance a football, basketball and so on.



  • If the weight of your child is exhausting you making you unwilling to do too much, simply go as a Halloween pumpkin.
  • Halloween pumpkins are among the easiest maternity costumes to make for the above occasion.
  • Put on a green cap that can be easily made at home from felt.
  • After that go ahead and paint your belly orange while at the same time decorating it.
  • Once you have done so make sure that your bare pregnant belly is sticking out for people to see it. Remember it’s good to show off what you have.

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