Maternity Devil Costumes

Halloween Maternity Devil Costumes

It’s time to find the perfect maternity devil costume to wear this Halloween to reflect the little devil inside you. The nice thing about the devil’s costume is that it’s a simple dress and won’t pull in the wrong places.

Go heavy on the eye makeup to really get vampy. Find a deep or bright red lipstick to match your dress and horns.

Pair it with comfortable shoes and red maternity nylons. If you can’t find red nylons, buy white and dye them to the shade that you like.


Includes: dress with brooch and horns. Stockings, shoes and pitchfork not included.

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It’s essential to find maternity stockings as standard ones will pull too tightly across your baby bump.

You could get black maternity pantyhose:

Or white (the picture shows nude but bear with me) and then dye them red:

Excellent red dye in scarlet (they also had cherry)

And then you need your devil pitchfork. (this will open up into an Amazon search).

The shoes are definitely a more personal touch. In fact, you may want to look into patent leather go-go boots.

Also, if you haven’t realized it yet, your feet grow during pregnancy, by as much as a full shoe size. So don’t buy what you think your shoe size is. Get measured for a comfortable fit. After all, you’ll be standing on your feet a lot walking around the party, right?

Also, if you’re past a certain point, go for flats rather then high heels. Your center of balance is not where you’re used to it being, and you could fall accidentally. (like if someone accidentally bumped into you, you may go down pretty quickly without realizing it). So, be sexy, be stylish, but above all, be comfortable. And if your feet and ankles do start to swell up, take a break and put your feet up for a bit.

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