Pirate Queen Maternity Costume

Pirate Queen Maternity Costume

Arrr! How about a little nautical fun. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to use it in the costume. Dress up like a pirate queen.

Some schools have back to school themed parties as well as Halloween parties. And why should your kids have all the fun? (Not to mention there are some fun adult parties that you should have a cute yet comfortable costume to wear.)

How cute is it?

This is the kind of costume that’s loose and flexible. You can tie the sash above or below (or around) depending upon how much of your baby belly you want highlighted.

The pants have a standard maternity panel in them, so you can move freely.

Includes: Shirt with vest and sash, pants with boot tops, hat.

Not Included: Sword, shoes.

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Pirate Queen Maternity Costume for Adult


Some reviewers felt it ran a little small for them. It is one size only. Many people didn’t like the fabric “boot toppers” but they were the sorts that were intending upon wearing their own boots anyway. You could put the tops on top of some simple sneakers as well to go for a comfortable feel.


Here’s all you need to go with your existing clothes:

Would you wear a pirate wig?

The most interesting pirate to date was Benjamin Hornigold. He once captured a ship just to steal the crew’s hats. His three-year pirating career ended when his ship crashed during a hurricane.

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They say that blondes have more fun. And on a pirate ship … well … they’ll be tons of gold and rum. (All that equals fun to me). You’re sure to have a blast in this Caribbean Pirate Wench Wig.

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And finally

From buccaneers bounty collection

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2 thoughts on “Pirate Queen Maternity Costume”

  1. I was so excited to find a pirate maternity costume to match the rest of my family for Halloween. I was a size 12/14 before I was pregnant and, even though this said size “standard”, the reviews about fitting into this costume at 8 months pregnant gave me hope that at 6 months I’d be able to fit into this. I received the costume yesterday and all I have to say is this must have been made for “standard” model sized pregnant women. I’m only 14 weeks right now and the pants barely fit. The tummy panel is made of really tight fabric and I can’t see how this would stretch over even the skinniest woman’s hugely pregnant belly. If you are not a size 4 I’d recommend skipping this costume.

  2. My wife was a size 4 to 6 before she got pregnant. She was 9 months pregnant on Halloween, baby came the next day, November 1st. She fit into this great, with room to spare.

    Whoever reviewed this and said it would not fit her, She was definitely carrying ALOT more than a baby. Great buy for an average pregnant woman who is not an overweight slob!

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